Robot Controller TS5000 and Teach Pendant TP5000

Robot Controller TS5000 - Overview

Robot Controller TS5000
Robot Controller TS5000

Robot controller TS5000 key advantages

* Improvement in synchronized control and tracking precision by better servo performances.
- Faster control cycle (position control cycle is three times faster than the previous model) results in improved synchronized control and tracking precision.
- This enables more sensible control during robot's fast movements and improve its performance in such aspects as locus precision and vibration suppression.
- Acceleration auto adjustment function (SPURT function) - acceleration rate is increased when the load stress to the motor and reduction gear is low. This contribute to shorter cycle time.

* Improved communication performances, and IoT-ready fast data communication.
- Enhanced communication capabilities with Gigabit Ethernet. Real-time transmission of internal data is possible.
- Enhanced Ethernet communication functionalities for better usability.
- Simultaneous communication by 8 general-purpose ports (IP1~8) and dedicated ports (motion command port, monitor port, periodic communication port, etc.) is possible and contributes to more efficient operation.
- Ready to meet the requirement for taking part in a "heavy-edge" system, as better precision in AI vibration analysis, data collection for predictive and preventative maintenance.

* Enhanced Robot Programming Language
- New compiler (processing system).
- Clearer and succinct SCOL program with new and improved commands. Character string type variables, string manipulation functions, new and improved commands for conditional branching, coordinate conversion functions, etc. all for clear and succinct programming.

* The compact-size controller contributes to a smaller control panel.
- The small and high performance controller was realized by adopting a new CPU with high functionalities and high performance.
- Additionally, all the connectors are on the front side. Volume and installation area become approximately 2/3 from the existing model(TS3100). The smaller controller contributes to a smaller control panel.
- The fan-less design reduces maintenance.

* Increase in user file capacity
- File memory capacity is expanded to 12 MB. By adding an SD card, it is expandable to maximum 32 GB.

* Others
- Built-in PLC TCmini included.

Combined with newly developed SCARA robot THE600, TS5000 will contribute to improving efficiency, quality and the early return on investment in automation facilities.

TOKYO MAIN BRANCH: 81-(0)3-3509-0270
NUMAZU HEADQUARTERS: 81-(0)55-926-5032

Robot Controller TS5000 - Specifications

Number of controlled Axes 4
Position detection Absolute
Programming language SCOL2
Movement commands PTP (point-to-point), CP (Continuous Path; Linear, Circular), short-cut, arch motion
Main memory Built-in Flash ROM
Capacity: 12 Mbytes
Auxiliary memory SD card (SD and SDHC)
Maximum capacity: 32 Gbytes
Number of Registrable Programs Main memory Maximum 512
- User files: 502
- System files: 10
Auxiliary memory Maximum 512
- User files: 512
Maximum number of program lines Per program,
Data part: 5,000 points
Program part: 5,000 lines
Teaching Unit (Optional) Teach pendant TP5000, TP1000 *1
Programming by PC software TSAssist (PDF) *2
I/O Signals General Purpose Signals 8 inputs and 8 outputs
System Signals 13 input signals: Program selection, start, stop, program reset, etc.
9 output signals: Servo on, emergency stop, fault, etc.
Hand Control Signals 8 inputs and 8 outputs
Other Functions Torque control, Interruptive functions, self-diagnosis, I/O control and communications during motion, coordinate calculations, Built-in PLC, fan-less design etc.
Outer Dimensions 365(W)×161(H)×350(D)mm
Mass 11 kg
Power Supply Single phase 190 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
PC Software for Programming Support (Optional) TSAssist (PDF): Robot Programming assist tool
High-performance 3D simulation, program editor, monitoring functions, etc. *2
TCPRGOS: PLC programming editor for TCmini built-in PLC
Options Expansion I/O (21 inputs and 17 outputs)
Field bus functions (under development)
Conveyor synchronization function (under development)
*1 : A convertor cable is necessary in order to connect with TP1000. TP3000 is not compatible.
*2 : TSPC PC software is not compatible.

Teach Pendant TP5000

Teach Pendant TP5000

Teach Pendant TP5000 Key Advantages

* Improved operability.
With 7-inch, widescreen color touch-sensitive panel, intuitive operation is realized.
In the larger display area, programs and position data can be checked in one glance.
With split-screen display, two sets of data can be displayed side-by-side, for example the current position display and program monitor.
In the program editing with full on-screen keyboard.

* Designed for ease of handling and operability.
Fast boot-up, ready in 30 seconds from power on.
Multiple languages and switchable by setting. (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean planned).
AUTO/MANUAL master mode switching by the key switch on the teach pendant.



Display Devices 7-Inch, wide TFT LCD
Input Method Touch sensitive panel
Mass 800 g or less (excluding cable)
External Dimensions 218(W) × 173(H) x 60(D) mm
Cable Length 5 m (standard), 10 m, 15 m (optional)
Protection Level IP65

TOKYO MAIN BRANCH: 81-(0)3-3509-0270
NUMAZU HEADQUARTERS: 81-(0)55-926-5032