Features of the SCARA Robot Series

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Superior High Speed Performance

The SCARA Robot TH-A series incorporates a high-capacity, high-rpm motor and high-speed ball screw combined with a lightweight arm design for enabling operation at even higher speeds than before.
The SCARA Robot THP series incorporates a lightweight, low-inertia arm design combined with a high-capacity motor for enabling long periods of continuous operation at maximum speed.

High Rigidity and High Accuracy

Repeat positioning accuracy with low error and quick attenuation of vibrations enables rapid transition to the next movement in processes requiring high accuracy.

Compact Design

The SCARA Robot TH550A (arm length: 550 mm) and smaller sizes are designed with a short cable duct and minimizing total length for enabling an ideal shape for the SCARA Robot.
Operation is possible in locations where previous models could not be installed. Also, the large-size SCARA Robot TH650A (arm length: 650 mm) and higher incorporate a harness inside the robot for eliminating the cable duct and minimizing the total length.
This allows a more compact design than previous models. The sleek and compact designs for Shibaura Machine SCARA Robots enable them to serve a wide array of needs for our customers.

Full Array of Options

We provide a wide range of options and models for many different applications, environments, layouts, and more.
Refer to the table below for the available options in each model.

Advanced Functions

Vision + Conveyor Synchronization

System costs are reduced through the use of one camera per line. By using together with an Ethernet hub (available commercially), measurement data from a single visual sensor can be shared with multiple controllers.
This enables sorting and boxing operation of a large volume and wide variety of workpieces flowing on the conveyor using coordinated operation by multiple robots.

Internal Sequencer Function

The SCARA Robot controller incorporates a simple sequencer (TCmini). A ladder program can be used for control of input signals regardless of robot operation.
A wide variety of other functions are also provided.

Support Tools for Many Different Types of Customers

  • TSPC: Robot program creation support tool A 3D-model simulator function is provided to enable offline checking of the operation range,  operation time, I/O, and other parameters.
  • TS LayOut: Equipment locations have a significant impact on cycle times in systems where SCARA Robots are deployed.
    By simply entering the teaching points, TS LayOut provides calculations and graphs of the movement times and produces a drawing of the optimum positions for assisting in determining the optimum layout locations.
  • TCPRGOS: The TS series controllers incorporate the simple sequencer "TCmini".
    TCPRGOS is a software program for developing TCmini programs.
    In addition to the creation of ladder programs, it also assists in development with its wide variety of functions including IO monitor, ladder monitor, and more.

TOKYO MAIN BRANCH: 81-(0)3-3509-0270
NUMAZU HEADQUARTERS: 81-(0)55-926-5032