Controller TS3000

- Overview -

Controller TS3000

This robot controller can accommodate a maximum control axes of 5 (4 axes as standard).
Provided with a wide variety of functions including interrupt processing, signal and communication processing during operation, arithmetic operation, limiting torque, sequencer, and self-diagnosis.

- Specifications -

Model TS3000
Number of controlled axes 4 axis
Program language SCOL
Movement command PTP (point to point), CP (Continuous Path:Liner,Circular), short-cut, arch motion
Memory 1.5 MB
Auxiliary memory USB memory
Number of programs
that can be stored
Installed memory Maximum:256 User files:243, System files:13
Auxiliary memory None
Maximum number of program lines Per program, Data part:2,000 points, Program part: 3,000 lines
I/O signals General 32 inputs and 32 outputs
System 13 input signals:Program selection, start, stop, reset, etc.
9 output signals:Servo on ready to start, fault, etc.
Communication port RS-232C:1 port(COM1)general
Ethernet:4 Ports
Power supply *1 Main power supply Single phase AC200 V to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power supply for I/O signals DC24 V (over 100 W)
Outer dimensions *2 W:290 mm
H:241 mm
D:298 mm
Mass 13 kg
Teach Pendant (optional) TP5100
Connectable robot SR-404HC, SR-624HC
CAD Files
*1:The power supply capacity is listed in the robot specification table.
*2:Height (H) includes rubber feet. Installation requires additional space for cabling, etc.