Cartesian Coordinate Robots

Since its launch in 1986, Shibaura Machine's COMPO ARM lineup of Cartesian coordinate robots have combined high reliability with ease of operation. As a result, today, many customers around the world are using COMPO ARM products in a wide range of production lines.

Features of the Cartesian Coordinate Robot Series

Cartesian Coordinate Robot COMPO ARM BA-Ⅲ Series

The COMPO ARM BA-Ⅲ series carries on the features of the previous BA-Ⅱ and adds new features for enhanced ease of operation. The BA-Ⅲ series lineup features a wide range of variations from single axis to Cartesian axis (2 to 4 axes) configurations.

Single Axis Specifications

BA-3 single axis

BA-Ⅲ series single-axis maximum stroke 4450mm. Maximum speed ball screw driven 2300mm / s, timing belt driving 2000mm / s.

Orthiginal Axes Specifications

BA-3 Orthiginal Axes

Combination axis variations of 2 to 4 axes.

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Controllers and other options

This is the optional accessories, such as the teach pendant and controller of COMPO ARM dedicated high-performance while compact appearance.

Master Unit

Master Unit

Used as the master unit for single-axis control and orthogonal (or cartesian) two-axis control. A driver board for a single axis control is also incorporated. Field corresponding network CC-Link, DevieNet,EtherNet/IP.

Slave Unit

Slave Unit

Used as an auxiliary unit when controlling the master unit or high-performance master unit.
A driver unit for one axis control is built in this unit.


Teach pendant

Optional accessories such as the teach pendant.

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