Features of the Cartesian Coordinate Robot COMPO ARM

The COMPO ARM BA-Ⅲ series carries on the performance features of the BA-Ⅱ series, but adds enhanced ease of operationfor greater functionality. The BA-Ⅲ series lineup comes in a diverse range of variations from single axis to Cartesian axis (2 to 4 axes) configurations.

Cartesian Coordinate Robots COMPO ARM BA-Ⅲ Series

The lineup features a wide array of models from low-payload to high-payload types. Ball screw and timing beltdrive systems are also available. Select the type that best matches your application.

High payload

Maximum payload: 250 kg for single-axisspecifications, 100 kg for vertical; 100 kg for X-Y 2-axis combination specifications
*For BE60J ball screw driven model

Long stroke

Maximum stroke: 4450mm *For BE60J timing belt driven model

High tact

Maximum speed: 1200 mm/s for ballscrew driven model, 2000mm/s for timing belt driven model

High accuracy

Position repeatability: ±0.01mmfor ball screw driven model, ±0.04mm for timing belt driven model

All models use absolute specifications

Includes AC servomotor (absolute specifications) that does not require any home return operation

BA-Ⅲ Series is another great leap forward in ease of operation

Oilless seals are used in the LM guide and ballscrew for providing long-term maintenance-free design

Note: Oilless seals are not used for the BET guides.

Compact AC servomotor design for reducing the totalaxis length

New models with longer strokes are available for providing an expanded robot operating range

Cartesian Coordinate Robot BA Series