Shibaura Machine's

The IoT concept implemented by Shibaura Machine is called IoT+m. The "m" in IoT+m stands for terms such as manufacturing, machinery, maintenance, and monitoring, and it is named this way because so many of the words used by Shibaura Machine that provide higher added value for machines through IoT start with the letter "m".

Conceptual diagram

Shibaura Machine's core competency is its vast knowledge and expertise in machinery, machining, and molding that was gained through many years in manufacturing. By combining Shibaura Machine's collective capabilities as a machinery manufacturer with IoT technology, we can provide customers with valuable information for meeting their needs (expectations), and this is what the concept of IoT+m means. With IoT+m as a springboard, Shibaura Machine has moved beyond industry boundaries for implementing measures for greater productivity at customer worksites.