machiNet Platform for IoT+m

We have released an introductory video on our IoT+m concept and machiNet platform on YouTube,
and so please view it when you have the chance.
*We are in the process of changing the company name in the video.


Shibaura Machine developed an IoT platform to serve as the base for implementing our IoT+m concept, and this IoT platform is called "machiNet". And so, machiNet is our platform for implementing IoT+m. In machiNet, customer issues are divided into (1) Staff shortages and higher productivity, (2) Unexpected machine stoppages, (3) Distribution of production bases, and (4) Quality improvement and stabilization. Shibaura Machine's technology and knowledge base have been fully mobilized to develop measures for properly resolving each of these issues.


In the system where machiNet is implemented, status information about various equipment and machines at the manufacturing site (physical space) and the worker information are collected into an edge computer, and this data is stored in an on-premises or cloud server for providing visualization of the equipment and machine statuses and worker information, and then AI or other algorithms are used to analyze the data for resolving on-site issues. Also, the standard protocol OPC UA is used for making connections with upper-level systems such as edge computers, servers, MES, and ERP.