Introduction of Technologies

We'll introduce you the technologies employed in our robots.
Additionally, you can view moving pictures about technologies.

Servo Techniques

Servo Techniques

Shibaura Machine has developed a new LSI (V-engine, C-engine) by use of the servo technology that the company has been building for over 30 years as with the NC machines (TOSNUC) and general-purpose amplifiers (BS series), and has had it incorporated into the TS3000 series robot controllers. With the improvement in control period due to computation by hardware, settling time has been reduced and cycle time improved.

Cell Production System

Cell Production System

Picture on the left is a cell production system robot running at a manufacturing site of Shibaura Machine.
Shibaura Machine's has built this system robot from the three viewpoints, in terms of advanced technology, of power-saving, automation, and efficiency.

Using the system robot will bring about an effect not only on long-time continuous operation but on quality improvement.

Sensorless Compliance Control

In order to provide a wide range of application and achieve high productivity in production site, Shibaura Machine is engaged in the development of "intelligent robot technology" with the technical support of Toshiba Corporate Research & Development Center.

Sensorless Compliance Control

(1) Sensorless Compliance Control

With this control, the robot detects external force exerted on its hands without using the 6 - axis dynamic sensation sensor to have a flexible control over arms in response to external force. Position errors of workpieces are absorbed.

Active acceleration/deceleration control

Automatically changes the acceleration of the robot according to the movement pattern and load conditions. Improves cycle time and reduces the load on the robot mechanism.

Robots with Special Specifications


Shibaura Machine has a lineup not only of SCARA Robots and Vertically Articulated Robots but also of Robots with Special Specifications for partner companies. Picture on the left is a coating robot (SOFTBOY) for Takubo Engineering Co., Ltd. For more information about the coating robot SOFTBOY, please visit the following link: