Relationships with shareholders and investors

We provide information through various channels and on various interactive occasions so our shareholders and investors will deepen their understanding of the SHIBAURA MACHINE Group.

Basic policy on information disclosure

The SHIBAURA MACHINE Group discloses its corporate information, such as the Basic Commitment, the code of conduct, financial statements and other financial information, in a timely and appropriate manner so shareholders, investors, business partners, local community residents, and other stakeholders can gain a correct knowledge of the group's present condition.
Also, whenever important corporate information arises, it is disclosed promptly, accurately, and fairly.

SHIBAURA MACHINE established a “Policy relating to the system improvement and approach for promoting interactions with shareholders” based on the objective that constructive interactions with the shareholders contribute to sustainable growth of our company and creation of corporate values in the medium and long terms. For complete disclosure of information to investors, we established “Shibaura Machine Disclosure Policy” as the information disclosure guideline for shareholders and investors.

We are committed to the prevention of information leakage prior to disclosure by implementing a rigorous information management system to prevent the occurrence of insider trading.

Policy Regarding Systems and Measures for Promoting Dialogue with Shareholders

SHIBAURA MACHINE has defined the following policy to ensure that constructive dialogue with shareholders contributes to sustained company growth and increased corporate value over the medium and long term.

  1. SHIBAURA MACHINE creates and operates a system for promoting constructive dialogue with shareholders through collaboration with related company departments.
  2. SHIBAURA MACHINE continuously engages in activities that deepen shareholders' understanding of the company. These activities include financial results briefings, small meetings, factory tours, private viewings, and one-on-one meetings. SHIBAURA MACHINE also strives to continuously disclose information via business reports, the company website, etc. to enable shareholders to evaluate the company's medium- and long-term value.
  3. SHIBAURA MACHINE carefully considers the valuable analysis results and advice concerning its operations that it receives through constructive dialogue with shareholders as information that can help further increase the company's value. SHIBAURA MACHINE actively uses this information in the management of the company.
  4. SHIBAURA MACHINE's directors, SR personnel, and IR personnel engage in dialogue with shareholders. Depending on the desires of the shareholders and the matters they are primarily interested in, management executives, outside directors, and auditors may also meet with shareholders. All those who engage in dialogue with shareholders do so in accordance with separately defined regulations and strive to manage information thoroughly to prevent the leakage of critical undisclosed information (insider information).

SHIBAURA MACHINE Disclosure Policy

1. Basic policy
Our company discloses corporate information in a timely manner to ensure correct understanding by shareholders and investors regarding current state of the company.
For this purpose, it is our basic policy to make timely disclosure on a continuing basis of accurate information in our various IR materials that are necessary for investors to make their decisions.

2. Method or information disclosure
In compliance with the Timely Disclosure Rules prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in which our company is listed, we disclose our corporate information on the website of the Tokyo Stock Exchange through TDNet, a system of Timely Disclosure network.
At the same time, we publish this corporate information on our company website. Additionally, we are making efforts to provide our shareholders and investors with other information that is considered to have an effect on their investment decisions.

3. Quiet period
Our company sets a quiet period of one month until the day before a scheduled date of announcement of our financial statements. This is to prevent divulgence of information on our financial settlements (including quarterly settlements) and to ensure fairness of information disclosure. During the quiet period, we refrain from answering inquiries or making comments on our financial and business results forecast.
However, in the case there is a possibility during the quiet period that we have to correct the existing forecast significantly, we will make a timely announcement of the latest information pursuant to the Timely Disclosure Rules and our own information disclosure standards.

4. Information disclosure to a third party and business result forecast made by a third party
In individual meetings with investors and analysts, etc., we can answer inquiries only with regard to information such as facts that are already published or known to public, or information on the business environment in general. In addition, we do not endorse any comments on our company or forecasts of our business results that are made by a third party because actual business results will be affected by various factors.

5. Other
For the use of the information published on our company website, please refer to our disclosure policy and disclaimer of liability.

IR activities

We engage in various IR activities targeting national and international institutional investors and securities analysts with the aim of increasing the sustainable corporate value of SHIBAURA MACHINE Group. One of our major initiatives in FY2022 was our holding of two financial results briefings by the executive team, at the end of the fiscal year and then in the second quarter. In these briefings, our President explained demand trends and the progress status of our Medium-Term Management Plan for each product we offer. Through the dialogues in these briefings, we provided participants with a deeper understanding of our company. We also took part in overseas investor relations and in IR conferences.
Our management team and our Public Relations & Investor Relations Department conducted individual IR meetings on an ongoing basis to further enrich investor dialogue. We organized factory tours and small meetings by using Mixed Reality (MR) relating to the lithium ion battery separator film (BSF) production lines, an area of high interest among investors. Opinions and advice obtained from investors through constructive dialogue are reported to the management team at regularly held Board of Directors meetings and actively leveraged in company management. Furthermore, in conjunction with the introduction of the system for electronically supplying General Meeting of Shareholders information, we have switched from issuing these materials in printed form to offering them online via our website. To enable all shareholders with voting rights to understand the key points of these General Meeting of Shareholders materials, we also provide partial summaries of General Meeting of Shareholders reference materials, business reports, financial statements, and the like.


Experience the full line of BSF through MR

BSF image

BSF(Over 100m in length)

Small meeting image

Small meeting

Briefing implementation status (FY2022)

Activity Content Implementation status Attended by president Attended by CFO or other directors
Information session
(For financial statement for institutional investors)
Financial results briefings are conducted by the management team twice per year, at the end of the fiscal year and in the second quarter. The CFO explains business results and the president explains demand trends for each of the company's products, progress toward the Medium-Term Management Plan, and the like. Held twice (once each half of the fiscal year)
Companies: 98
People: 116
Yes Yes
Individual IR meetings
(for Japanese and foreign institutional investors.)
Individual IR meetings are held with Japanese and foreign institutional investors. 191 meetings
Executive attendance rate: 19.3%
Yes Yes
IR conferences
(for investors)
The company participates in investors' conferences held by securities companies in Japan and overseas and conducts individual meetings. 1 conference
Daiwa Securities "Daiwa Investment Conference Tokyo 2023"
Yes Yes
Factory tours
(for analysts and institutional investors)
Tours are conducted to show the company's factory facilities, equipment, and production processes, etc. 1 tour(NUMAZU PLANT) Yes Yes
Small meetings IR meetings are conducted regarding the company's business results and business strategies. 2 meetings Yes Yes

IR calendar

General meeting of shareholders

We recognize the importance of a general meeting of shareholders as the opportunity for direct communication with shareholders.

For revitalization of the general meeting of shareholders and smooth exercise of voting rights, we ensure that every one of the shareholders is able to sufficiently verify the proposals at the general meeting of shareholders by sending a notice of convocation early, disclosing the notice on the Web prior to the dispatch of notice and scheduling the date by avoiding the busy dates to allow as many shareholders as possible to attend and participate in the general meeting of shareholders. Regarding the exercise of voting rights, electronic exercise through the Internet or smartphone is applied. In addition, due to the increase of foreign shareholders, we provide an English version of a part of the notice of convocation and also use the electronic platform for the exercise of voting rights.

At the general meeting of shareholders, we clearly explain the situation of our company to the shareholders by presenting our business situations, business plans, and various strategies in a graphic form. Since the 98th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders that was held in June 2021, we have been conducting a Virtual General Meeting of Shareholders in hybrid participation mode based on the diversification of a general meeting of shareholders in response to the needs for digitization and expansion of shareholders’opportunities for participation in the meeting, and as a countermeasure for the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Virtual General Meeting of Shareholders in hybrid participation mode

Click the URL below for more information regarding the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Improvement and expansion of information disclosure

As the measures for the improvement and expansion of information disclosure, we are expanding the disclosure range of the results briefing materials, increasing the disclosure frequency, and improving the contents.

In FY2021, an integrated report was issued to obtain the understanding of the stakeholders over a wide range regarding our approach to the improvement of sustainable corporate values. For the foreign investors, we prepared an English version of results briefing materials, mid-term management plan, and integrated reports on our in-house website. We will continuously provide information on our efforts towards the realization of a sustainable society and the latest activity status.

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