Social contributions

Blood donations

SHIBAURA MACHINE has been cooperating with the blood donation program conducted by the Red Cross Society Blood Center. In FY2021, a blood donation program was implemented at the Numazu, Sagami and Gotemba Plant (twice) and 144 employees contributed to the blood donation program.
(Reference: Numazu (twice/year) 47, Sagami (twice/year) 40, Gotemba (twice/year) 57)

Blood donations
Blood donations

Participation in the TABLE FOR TWO program

SHIBAURA MACHINE has been participating in TABLE FOR TWO (referred to as TFT henceforth) as a new approach to SDGs since FY2018.

TFT is a charity initiated in Japan. When a participant orders a TFT meal at our cafeteria, 20 yen per meal, included in the meal price, is donated to fund one meal for one child in a developing country. This program is intended to improve the health of people in both developing and advanced countries at the same time. Participation in this program is very significant in that it not only helps us to achieve the seven SDGs, but also teaches employees how important it is to work toward the SDGs. We will consider increasing the frequency of participation in TFT and introducing it to the Gotemba and Sagami Plants.

In FY2022, the event is held on the 1st and 3rd Fridays and donations that were collected from 5,050 doners over 3 factory canteens amounted to 101,000 yen in total.


Participation in Numazu Free Market Festival and Consumer Life Exhibition

We participate in a free market sponsored by Numazu City, together with member companies of Shizuoka Industrial Waste Association, giving items and donating sales proceeds. This event is intended to raise eco-consciousness through reuse under the slogan "Give unnecessary but usable items to people who need them".
We are also a cosponsor of the Numazu Eco Activity Contest held on the same day. By this, we support their efforts to prevent global warming and preserve the environment.

Cooperation in qualifying programs

For skill training courses sponsored by the Shizuoka Federation of Labour Standards Associations (public interest incorporated association) , we provide space and technical instructors.

Fiscal 2022 track records

  • Forklift skill training: 4 sessions
  • Floor-type crane skill training: 3 sessions
  • Slinging training: 5 sessions
  • Crane operation special training: 3 sessions