Human resource development

We are striving to develop and acquire further human resources, who could be the foundation of development of “SHIBAURA MACHINE” by focusing on the succession of existing technologies, acquisition of new technologies, and development of global human resources.

Education systems

SHIBAURA MACHINE Group offers OJT and a wide range of education and training for all group personnel or for specific areas of expertise involved in specific job positions so everyone in the group can exhibit his or her capabilities to the full and accomplish certain achievements.
We also have human resource development programs for different levels of employees from new hires to and experienced employees, including global human resource development, compliance education, technique and skill improvement and transfer, and self-directed development.

・2023 education structure


Engineer education

SHIBAURA MACHINE Group provides education to the mid-level engineers and junior engineers. By covering the contents over a broad range from the mastering of basic technologies and CAD education to qualification acquisition, the education can lead to skill upgrading of the recipients, which is directly linked to their work in which they are engaged. We are also developing human resources who can actively participate in multiple fields by expanding the training to the fields of the marketing strategy that is required for engineers and training for gaining the basic knowledge of manufacturing, as well as the knowledge of designing and drafting.

Engineer education

Engineer education

Global human resource development Training for overseas affiliated companies

We have two human resource development programs to train employees to be able to actively engage in the global markets, “global production engineer education” and “global human resource development education”. Another objective of the education is to provide the participants with the opportunity to share the same experience and create horizontal relationships beyond the limited scope of organizations.

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Global production engineer education 7 9 7 6
Global human resource development education 6 8 7 11

*The program was suspended in FY2019 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and was resumed from FY2020.

Education focussing on the junior level

By setting a creation of a framework of human resources of SHIBAURA MACHINE Group as the target, we organized the training courses for the 2nd year, 3rd year, and 5th year recruits, which have become stabilize for training junior employees. Themes were clearly set for each course and sessions for practical applications in the workplace were included to enhance the effects of the training, involving the superiors and senior staff members by clearly defining their own targets such as “what is the training for” and “how can one’s own growth be achieved”.

● Training for the 2nd year

For the development of human resources who are able to work proactively with the spirit of cooperation, students are to learn the necessary skills for proactively implementing the work as a self-reliant professional and producing results by reviewing their own communication manners and methods of implementing the work.

● Training for the 3rd year

Students are to aim at further self-growth and enhancement of motivation and summarize their self-growth and issues by reviewing the past history. At the same time, students are to take a further step towards their self-growth through the opportunities for learning together with other members in the mutually stimulating environment. Ultimately, students are to proactively establish their future career visions.

● Training for the 5th year

For the development “human resources who can contribute to the achievements of the organization”, students are to learn how to transform their viewpoints from the personal viewpoints to the organizational viewpoint. Students are also to learn the attitudes and skills for providing guidance to junior staff members and clarify the future tasks by reviewing their own paths that have been taken.

Training junior staff members

Training junior staff members