Safety and health

Safety and health management forms the foundation of business management, and the entire group will remain committed to giving momentum to and strengthening these functions.

Development of occupational safety activities

For ensuring workplace safety, SHIBAURA MACHINE Group is actively engaged in the occupational safety activities to achieve zero disasters including traffic accidents and fire disasters and promotes the establishment of a safe and secure workplace environment.

Promoting occupational safety and health management systems

Recognizing safety and health are integral parts of corporate activities and standing on the philosophy we must endeavor to prevent industrial accidents and promote employee health, we acquired OSHMS* certification for the Numazu and Sagami Plants. The OSHMS techniques are also applied horizon-tally to group companies to upgrade their safety and health management.

*JISHA-qualified occupational safety and health management system

Safety guidance and support for employees

The staff members associated with safety have qualifications such as RST*. We are promoting enhancement of safety awareness by providing various education courses to workers associated with this Group.

We also hold an interactive type safety education session for a small number of participants who are selected from each division once a month so that the members understand the importance of compliance with safety rules, gain knowledge relating to safety, and utilize the knowledge in the workplace safety management.

*Ministry of Labor method Safety and Health Education Trainer

Promoting mental and physical health

The SHIBAURA MACHINE Group promotes "mental and physical health" so all employees can exhibit their capabilities to the full while keeping themselves in good shape both physically and mentally.
Persons who have been diagnosed as having some problem upon health examination or who have mental health problems will receive individual health guidance from and have one-on-one interviews with industrial physicians and nurses. We also organize health events and education courses (including online) so all employees will be more aware of the importance of their "mental and physical health".


Health promotion using a sports gymnasium

The Health Insurance Association has a sports gymnasium in the Numazu Plant that is used by the health management for the health promotion of employees. The Gymnasium has the facilities for basketball, volleyball, and badminton and is mainly used for indoor sports. The Gymnasium is also made available to the local schools and is widely used for sports and club activities. Some employees use the adjoining athletics room for afterwork exercise before returning home. In this way, both employees of SHIBAURA MACHINE Group and visitors from outside have become more interested in health.

*The Sports Gymnasium was closed in FY2021 and FY2022 due to the COVID-19 infection countermeasures.

No. of users of Numazu Sports Gymnasium (total)

Employee Non-employee (visitors from the local schools and groups)
FY2013 11,466 users 1,730 users
FY2014 16,972 users 2,384 users
FY2015 16,795 users 2,320 users
FY2016 15,946 users 2,208 users
FY2017 16,480 users 1,726 users
FY2018 16,295 users 1,312 users
FY2019 16,400 users 1,519 users
FY2022 2,893 user 1,306 user
Lending the Gymnasium to the local school

Lending the Gymnasium to the local school

Athletics room

Athletics room