Glossary of technical terms for investors

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In this section, we provide investors with explanations of difficult technical terms.

Injection Molding Machines

Injection molding machines are machines used to make plastic components by pouring melted plastic into a mold. You could picture this like making ice in an ice cube tray or baking a bundt cake in a bundt pan. The first injection molding machines SHIBAURA MACHINE ever made were said to have been used to manufacture bath buckets.

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Die casting machines

While injection molding machines use plastic to make parts, die casting machines work by pouring melted metal (like aluminum or magnesium) into a mold. They're used to make articles such as automobile engine blocks or notebook computer frames. It is said that the first product ever made with one of our die-casting machines was a motorcycle engine block.

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Extrusion machines

Extrusion machine squeeze melted resin through a die, like when cake frosting decorations are squeezed from a piping bag. They were used to make video tape back in the day. The first products ever made with one of our extrusion machines are said to have been watering hoses.

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Machine tools

Machine tools are used to create components by grinding blocks of iron called a workpiece. They are machines for making other machines, so in Japanese they are also called "mother machines." Our machine tools can be used with large workpieces such as tanker engine blocks or airplane wings.

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High precision machine tools

While our machine tools are used to process large blocks of iron, our ultra-precision machine tools are machines for processing components requiring extremely high levels of fine precision, at the nano level, such as molds for lenses.

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Industrial robots and Electronic control systems

Electronic control devices are devices used to control machines. They are used in machines such as coin-operated washing machines, dishwashers, and industrial refrigerators. Industrial robots are used to automate processes in various manufacturing sites.

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Castings components are metal components made by pouring melted metal into a mold. They are used in core parts of our machines, such as our injection molding machines and machine tools. We have one of Japan's few plants capable of manufacturing massive castings pieces measuring over 15 meters.

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