Analyst Coverage

Stock ticker code: 6104

The list below shows the analysts of corporations including securities companies or research organizations who provide recommendations or comments with regard to the business performance and results of our company.

Corporation (In the order of the Japanese kana syllabary) Name
Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. Mr. Hirosuke Tai
Tachibana Securities Co., Ltd. Mr. Kaichi Shimada
Tokai Tokyo Research Institute Co., Ltd. Mr. Mitsuyuki Ohdaira
Mito Securities Co.,Ltd. Mr. Yoichiro Watanabe

Note 1) This list is published based on the information we obtained at the time of publication and contains only the information that has been agreed by the concerned individuals for publication. Please note that there may be some analysts who are not listed here or part of the information may not reflect the latest one.
Note 2) The purpose of publishing this list is to provide investors with the information about the analysts and their organizations who engage in the analyses and forecasts of the business performance and results of our company, not to invite or recommend purchasing our corporate stocks.
Note 3) We do not support or guarantee any forecasts, comments or recommendations made by these analysts.
Note 4) Investors should make a final decision on their investments on their own account and responsibility.