Policy Regarding Systems and Measures for Promoting Dialogue with Shareholders

Securities code: 6104

SHIBAURA MACHINE has defined the following policy to ensure that constructive dialogue with shareholders contributes to sustained company growth and increased corporate value over the medium and long term.

  1. SHIBAURA MACHINE creates and operates a system for promoting constructive dialogue with shareholders through collaboration with related company departments.
  2. SHIBAURA MACHINE continuously engages in activities that deepen shareholders' understanding of the company. These activities include financial results briefings, small meetings, factory tours, private viewings, and one-on-one meetings. Shibaura Machine also strives to continuously disclose information via business reports, the company website, etc. to enable shareholders to evaluate the company's medium- and long-term value.
  3. SHIBAURA MACHINE carefully considers the valuable analysis results and advice concerning its operations that it receives through constructive dialogue with shareholders as information that can help further increase the company's value. It actively uses this information in the management of the company.
  4. SHIBAURA MACHINE's directors, SR personnel, and IR personnel engage in dialogue with shareholders. Depending on the desires of the shareholders and the matters they are primarily interested in, management executives, outside directors, and auditors may also meet with shareholders.
  5. All those who engage in dialogue with shareholders do so in accordance with separately defined regulations and strive to manage information thoroughly to prevent the leakage of critical undisclosed information (insider information).