To our investors

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To Our Investors

President Shigetomo Sakamoto
President Shigetomo Sakamoto

We very much appreciate your continued support and patronage.

From April 1, 2020, our company name will be changed from “Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.” to “Shibaura Machine Co., Ltd.”

We started business as a machine tool manufacturer in 1938 under the Shibaura name, and our Shibaura brand, which we continue to use, is still widely recognized around the world, especially in the machine tool industry.

We have continued to evolve by contributing to society through “monozukuri”, which is imbued into our DNA. The new company name shows we do not forget our DNA origins and will continue to evolve together with our customers in the future.

We are addressing various measures to increase our corporate value, such as; improving the nature of the company, sharing and enhancing our product strength, and investing in growth, thereby nurturing "the strength to create new industries" and evolve into a "manufacturer which co-creates value" together with its customers.

Additionally, we will focus on vigorously performing quality and environmental management on the basis of ISO9001 and 14001, and actively work on the development of human resources which will create the future of the Shibaura Machine Group, and on ESG activities such as compliance with laws and contribution to society.

We ask our investors continue to give us their advice and support in the future.

President Shigetomo Sakamoto