Engineering and services

SHIBAURA MACHINE Group offers systems and services that can satisfy customers worldwide based on our management philosophy.

R&D Center that explores the possibilities of new technologies and businesses

The R&D Center is a new site that creates cutting-edge products of Shibaura Machine. By capturing the future vision of the society and SHIBAURA MACHINE from the long-term viewpoint, we create new businesses and industries through the research not restricted to the existing business domain and development of new technologies and at the same time realize sustainable development and social contribution towards the future, which can be in 10 years’ time, 20 years’ time, or further ahead.

Future vision plotted by SHIBAURA DX

Through our digital transformation, “SHIBAURA DX”, SHIBAURA MACHINE realizes creation of high-value-added products and the organization that flexibly responds to changes. The R&D Center aims at realization of virtual spaces by merging the reality and digital information towards creation of high-value added products.

In this space, craftsmanship of SHIBAURA MACHINE is realized in a virtual space by accumulating every piece of data and analysing and simulating the data by using the cutting-edge technologies including XR, AI, and 5G. In this virtual space, every type of simulation is possible, not only research and development but also production design, manufacturing, and management, allowing creation of products and values that have not been available so far. The R&D Center contributes developing new businesses that combine products and services and continuously searches for new values to offer alongside of all the production stages of the customers.

Voices of students of various schools

We have prepared various schools for the customers who purchased SHIBAURA MACHINE products according to the experience, level, and purpose.


■Injection molding machine【IS school】

- The lecture that showed the sequence of the flow from the beginning was a very significant opportunity that allows the making of arrangements as this is not normally available.
 The lecture was also very useful as there were opportunities for hands-on study in a small group.

- Now, I understand the sequence of the flow. I have learned so many things from this lecture within a limited time of 3 days.
 I would like to focus on the work at the workplace from now on by referring to the materials.

■Die casting machine【DC school】

- The lecturer’s thorough explanation helped me understand the contents easily.
 I appreciated the session that shows the machine actually operating during the lecture.

- The lecture was very useful as the lecturer explained about the machine clearly and I have learned new things.

■Machine tool【NC school】

- I learned useful methods and ideas, not to mention the operation method. The lecture was very stimulating.
 The lecture was very useful as I learned new things beyond the ones I only knew within the office. I will use the knowledge gained here in the future.

- I can use the knowledge gained from this lecture such as further information on G code and end mill for further improvement of product quality and reduction of process time.

■Industrial robot【Robot school】

- I now have a deeper understanding of robots by actually operating a robot, not restricted to the explanation in the textbook.I appreciated the environment, where the lecturer asked us if we have any questions time to time, to make it easy to ask questions.

- I appreciated the opportunity for asking questions regarding the contents beyond the textbook as it was a small class. As soon as I returned to the office, I had an urge to operate a robot.

- Although the robot was different from the robot that I handled in the past and was manufactured by a different manufacture, the lecture was easy to understand as the contents from basics to application were explained clearly in detail.