Quality assurance

To offer customers with products and services that can satisfy the customers, we are actively promoting standardization and improvements across the entire group as a whole, including “aftersales services” and “corporate image”, in addition to the “safety and quality of products”.

Establishing a quality policy

By establishing the “quality policies”, we are committed to offer products and services that are trusted by customers.

SHIBAURA MACHINE Group Quality Policy for fiscal 2023 (excerpt)

SHIBAURA MACHINE Group contributes to the improvement of people’s livelihoods and the cultural development by offering products, services, and systems that satisfy customers worldwide as well as ensuring the product safety by accomplishing quality assurance responsibilities for the products. This will lead to the enhancement of our own corporate value. Therefore, we established the Shibaura Machine Group quality policies to promote effective quality management activities.

  • Putting customer satisfaction before everything
    We will accurately grasp and analyze customer demands, both potential and manifest, and continue our improvement activities, considering customer satisfaction first and foremost.
  • Improvement of the quality of sales, technical, manufacturing and services
    Based on the concept of “Assume postprocess is equivalent to a customer”, all the staff members in all the departments manage all of their own processes and improve the quality of work by introducing IT for improvement of the mechanisms and approaches.
  • Promotion of the quality management system
    By applying the quality management system effectively and efficiently, promote the quality management activities including improvements.
  • Complying with laws and regulations
    We will always be aware of and comply with the requirements of laws, regulations, etc., relevant to product quality and safety.

Approach for Product Safety

In order to ensure the safety of our customers, we are working to comply with relevant laws and regulations and proactively and sincerely disclose information to our customers.

Approach for quality enhancement

<br/>Promotion of quality function development activities for the quality enhancement

Through the TQM (Total Quality Management) activities, we are engaged in the pursuit of quality and additional value and continuous improvements so that we can offer better products and services by respecting the diversifying customer needs.

In the case of the occurrence of quality claims regarding the products or services provided, we investigate the cause and take the necessary measures under the responsibility of quality assurance management. We are addressing the establishment of a structure that allows customers to confidently use the machines.

Study meetings for improving safety and quality

We utilize various techniques for preventing any safety or quality problems from occurring and finding solutions for problems. The Technical Division regularly holds drawing study meetings to remove the cause of latent issues that may lead to faults or an accidents and to make improvements at the design stage.

By inviting students from technical, manufacturing, and service divisions and also related companies, we provide training sessions conducted by experienced engineers.