Vertical Articulated Robot TV800


Vertically Articulated Robot TV800

This is a high-speed vertically articulated robot with arm length 800mm.
It supports cleanroom design and waterproof design (-IP).
Operation in progress at our manufacturing plant.


Model TV800
Arm Length Total 800 mm
1st Arm 380 mm
2nd Arm 420 mm
Reach 892 mm
Working Envelope Axis 1 ±170 deg
Axis 2 -100~+150 deg
Axis 3 -127~+167 deg
Axis 4 ±190 deg
Axis 5 ±120 deg
Axis 6 ±360 deg
Maximum Speed Axis 1 237 deg/s
Axis 2 240 deg/s
Axis 3 288 deg/s
Axis 4 350.5 deg/s
Axis 5 484 deg/s
Axis 6 576 deg/s
Composite 8.06 m/s
Standard cycle time *1 0.4 s level
Maximum Load Mass 5 kg(rated:2 kg)
Allowable moment of inertia *2 Axis 4 0.3 kg·m2
Axis 5 0.3 kg·m2
Axis 6 0.05 kg·m2
Positioning repeatability *3 X-Y-Z ±0.02 mm
Hand wiring *4 8 inputs and 2 outputs
Hand pneumatic joint *5 φ6×3 pieces
Robot controller cable 5 m
Power Supply 2.5 kVA
Mass 45 kg
Connectable controller

*1:Continuous operation of standard cycle motion pattern is not possible beyond the effective load ratio.
  (Horizontal 300 mm, vertical 25mm, round-trip, coarse positioning)
*2:Speed and acceleration rates are limited depending on motion patterns, load mass and load offset values.
*3:Positioning repeatable accuracy in one-direction movement, when the environmental temperature and robot temperature are constant.
  It is not the absolute positioning accuracy.
  The specification value may be exceeded depending on moving pattern, load mass and offset amount. Trajectory accuracy is not
*4:Hand wiring cable can be offered (additional option). Please contact us for more details.
*5:Pneumatic joints for hand are provided on the base. Pipes are to be provided by the customer.