Controller TSL3100



Controller TSL3100 specifically designed for the vertical articulated robot.
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Model TSL3100
Number of controlled axes Maximuim 6 axes
Motion modes PTP, CP (Continuous Path ; Linear, Circular), Short-Cut,
Storage capacity Approx. Total: 6400 point + 12800 steps
1 program: 2000 point + 3000 steps
Number of registerable programs Maximum 256
Programming language SCOL (similar to BASIC)
Teach pendant (optional) Teach pendants TP3000 and TP1000-6ax
(Program can also be written on PC)
Extended I/O signals 8 inputs/8 outputs
Hand control signals 8 inputs/8 outputs
External operation signal Input : cycle operation mode, start, stop, etc. (13 signals)
Output : Servo ON, emergency stop, etc. (11 signals)
Communication port RS232C: 2 ports, Ethernet : 1port, USB *
Ohter Functions Interruptive functions, self-diagnosis,
I/O control and communications during motion,
Coordinate calculations, built-in PLC, etc.
Power Supply Single phase AC190V-240V, 50/60Hz
Outer dimensions and mass 220 (W) × 266 (H) × 304 (D)[mm],
9kg, (including rubber feet)
PC Software for programming support (Option) TSPC: Program editor, teaching, remote operation, etc.
I/O and Fieldbus options I/O extension, Field-network (CC-Link, Devive-Net, Profibus)*

*: Ethernet is a registered trademark of XEROX Corp. in the U.S.A.
CC-Link is a registered trademark of CC-Link Partner Association.
DeviceNet is registered trademark of ODVA.
PROFIBUS is a registered trademark of Profibus User Organization.