Workpieces made of various kind of material can be machined on the machine of wall type column with high rigidity and wide table speed


Best balance on rigidity of structure


Ram size is the same as larger model.
The column and arm which support the rail head is designed in a single piece of wall type column with higher rigidity to be able to work under heavy duty.


Highest table speed

Fast rapid traverse reduce manufacturing time.
The table run in wide speed range and make it suitable to work on workpiece made of various kind of material .

  • Rapid traverse 15 M/min on X axis and 12 M/min on Y axis
  • The table has two speed rabge.
    2~150min-1in low range, …8~ 600min-1 in high range

Safe and enviroment friendly machine


Fully closed cover around the table is standard specification to avoid coolant and chips splash around and alleviate noise from machining.

Machine specifications

●Table diameter:Φ1016㎜ (Φ40in)
●Maximum swing:Φ1200㎜ (Φ47.2in)  
●Maximum cutting height:850㎜(33.5in)
 [Maximum height:1055㎜(41.5in)] 
●Travel (X-axis×Z-axis):
 1000×900×700×350mm (39.4×35.4×27.6×13.8in)
●Table drive motor :AC45/37kW (60/50HP)
●Table speed:2~600min-1
●Floor space:5080×3530mm (200×139in)
●Machine height:4432mm (174.5in)
●Mass of machine(including CNC system): 11 000kg (24 200lbs)

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