SPU / Sheet Manufacturing Equipment

SHIBAURA MACHINE's sheet manufacturing equipment satisfies customer's various needs.

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Features of SPU

We Provide an optimal system that can stably mold high-quolity sheets. that meet potential issues.
Based on the data backed up by the achievements of the extruder, T-die, and roll, which are the basic devices of extrusion molding, and the equipment that supports them , We can propose a system construction that can flexibly respond to the diverse needs of our customers.

●Correspondence Resin
General-purpose resin・・・PP, PE, PS
Transparent resin・・・PC, PMMA, MS, amorphous olefin
Special resin・・・Engineering plastic, super engineering plastic

●Correspondence form
Single layer, multilayer, thin roll, thin, thick sheet, transparent, embossed

Configuration equipment/line proposal

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  ExtruderHigh-precision DiesPolishing Unit > Take Up Unit > Winder
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1. High-precision sheet for optical instruments
Light guide plate for LCD, light diffusion sheet for large display

2. high performance sheet
ICs, conductive sheets for carriers, porous sheets for separation membranes, insulating sheets for substrates

3. others
Single layer sheet, multilayer sheet, thick sheet, thin sheet, embossed sheet

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Small Pilot Machine SPU-03026W

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