TEM / Twin Screw Extruders


Shibaura Machine Co., Ltd., a pioneer of twin-screw extruders, has been developing twin-screw extruders for over 60 years since our establishment.
We have continued to make each one carefully according to the customer's request.
Our company, which has the longest history in Japan, has a database of over 50,000 records and a wealth of accumulated experience and know-how.
We will propose the most suitable barrel and screw configuration for your request.
Cellulose nanofiber (CNF), carbon nanotube (CNT), biodegradable plastic, biomass
We can handle various raw materials such as plastics. We also contribute to development and productivity improvement through simulation and IoT.


Machine Composition

We can provide system engineering for ancillary equipment such as a feeder that quantitatively feeds raw materials into the twin-screw kneading extruder, a cooling water tank that cools the extruded strands, and a pelletizer that cuts the strands.


Screw shaft/screw element
Various screw elements with different functions are inserted on the screw shaft.It is possible to freely change the screw configuration according to the material properties and molding purpose.

It adopts a block system that can freely combine unit barrels with different functions and shapes.

Side feeder
It is a device that forcibly pushes various fillers into the machine from the middle of the extrusion kneading process.

Process Controller / EXTVISOR

Click here for the detil information for EXTVISOR-VI


We provide total support from extruders to sheet/film manufacturing equipment.

■ Make effective use of the large screen

■ Abundant functions and excellent operability 

■ Extensive data management

■ Highly reliable system