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All Electric Injection Molding Machine EC-SXII series

The EC-SXII All-Electric Injection Molding Machine has advanced injection unit capabilities compared to our previous EC-SX series.
It has ability to adapt from thin-wall to thick-wall molding giving users more flexibility, thanks to multiple injection unit configurations. The use of Precision Linear Guide Supports on the movable platen and the injection screw drive with the use of enhanced control software, we are able to achieve faster cycles, more stabilized plasticizing and precise Core-Back Foam molding with precise injection pressure control.
You can select from two controllers the “INJECTVISOR-V50” and “INJECTVISOR-S51”.
V50 is a high performance controller having multiple molding functions and expandability.
S51 has added molding functions and improved production-managing functions compared to the previous S50 controller.

EC-SXII Small-size series
All Electric Injection Molding Machine EC-SX series

The EC-SX series with high functional controller responds to high speed injection and a wide range of customer's molding needs, in addition to highly upgraded core performance of the EC-S series.
The high functional controller 'INJECTVISOR-V50' which originally has a variety of molding control and readiness of special specification has now installed a brand-new Clamping Force Self-Tuning (DST-Press) and Injection Process Condition Self-Tuning (DST-Fill), prevents quality instability from outside factor, and promises you a stable molding.

EC-SX Small-size series
All Electric Injection Molding Machine EC-S series

The EC-S series are worldwide versatility with advanced performance.
Our new clamping system 'Solid Clamp' achieves high cycle molding. Also, newly invented injection unit 'S-Cube' enables smooth movements and high accuracy of injection pressure. Furthermore, our latest controller 'INJECTVISOR-S50' provides easy-to-use operation and high speed control for stability and high productivity in precision molding.

All Electric Injection Molding Machine EC-S series(images)
Hybrid Molding Machine ED series

Well-reputed "Direct-lock" two-platen clamping mechanism inherited from IS-DG/DF series has met with a newly-developed AC servo motor with our proprietary amplifier and its control technologies, which enables a remarkably smooth clamping stroke with highly responsive acceleration and deceleration and realizes a substantially reliable and consistent higy cycle molding.
The combination of a "Direct-lock" hybrid clamping unit and an all-electric injection unit continues the super energy savings and minimizes the hydraulic fluid utilization.

ED650W/850 Large-size series
Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine IS series

High performance Hydraulic type IS series of injection molding machines, designed and built based on our decades as a quality machine builder.

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