Newly developed controller

Newly developed controller INJECTVISOR-V30 has an excellent user interface function by means of huge buildup and opening of memory capacity for molding conditions etc. and satisfies customer's various needs.


Product Introduction


Servo control processing speed up

This improves pressure control function and shift to hold accuracy while contributing to steady molding.

Temperature control performance improvement

Simultaneous temperature rise function and temperature FF control are equipped standard in addition to raised basic temperature control function. These contribute to productivity improvement.


12.1-inch TFT liquid crystal screen

Touch panel is adopted on the color screen excellent in visibility.

Wide split screen

The sub-screen at the upper part of the screen is widened. It is possible to use it in every situation along with the main screen from monitoring, setting of molding conditions such as temperature, etc. to production. Various monitors can be done while setting molding conditions.

List setting screen

It is possible to set main molding conditions only on one screen.

Latest setting short cut

The controller is equipped with shortcut keys that load the condition setting screen name used right before. This eases condition change work at loading.

Optimization of number of screens

The screen is configured to provide further easier view and to allow easy handling. The number of screens was narrowed to organize the environment for easy controlling.

(3) OPEN

Standard provision for LAN connection

Connection with iPAQET (option) of remote monitoring becomes easy.

Great improvement of memory capacity

Molding conditions for up to 600 molds can be stored. CF cards and USB thumb drives are used as external memory. (Internal 300 conditions and external 300 conditions)

Rationalization equipment (take-out robot, etc.) plug-in (option)

INJECTVISOR-V30 enables generalization management of take-out robot or temperature controller.

Plug-in function

Plug-in function of PC peripheral equipment into USB port enables controlling and settings of take-out robot or temperature controller. Batch management of the machine and rationalization equipment is possible (option).