Alteration Example of Diesinking Machine

Key alteration points

Alteration Example of Diesinking Machine
  • Numerically controlled (FANUC-18M)
  • Newly added spindle head unit
  • Ball screw for each axis
  • Repair of machine tools
  Before alteration After alteration
Table movement length 4,300mm 4,300mm
Quill vertical movement length 450mm 600mm
Spindle head horizontal movement length 2,500mm 2,500mm
Spindle speed 20 to 1,000mm/min 3,000mm/min
Spindle rapid traverse 900mm/min 4,800mm/min
Spindle head rapid traverse 2,400mm/min 8,000mm/min
Table rapid traverse 4,800mm/min 8,000mm/min
Spindle motor AC22KW 30KW/37KW