KWA-D series

KWA-D  series

Wheel-Traverse Type CNC Roll Grinding Machine

Main features

Direct-Infeed-Mechanism with 0.005μm resolution for Wheelhead infeed

The provision of a pre-loaded precision ballscrew for the wheelhead infeed mechanism provides excellent accuracy even for the fine movements needed for cambering operations. And as per-loaded linear ball guideways are employed, feed mechanism provides smooth movement as well as high rigidity. These structures ensure satisfactory endurance for heavy-duty grinding.

Grinding Wheel Spindle with Hydrostatic Bearing

The hydrostatic bearings that support the grinding wheel spindle handling heavy loads and provide a strength and adaptability when subjected to speed changes that cannot be matched by ordinary bearings. Stabilized finish-grinding operations under demandi

Automatic-Grinding Package

Automatic-grinding functions are available in optional packages as shown in the table at the right. Level 1 contains menus for basic automatic-grinding operations, level 2 for automatic roll-measuring equipment, level 3 menus for fully automatic grinding


High-Performance CNC controller

General view and Machine Layout

Machine specifications

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