AM example using ZK series

Rocket engine part

Rocket engine part
AM sample dimensions 8dia.×H3in
AM sample weight 5lb.
Deposition time 18hrs.
Material 718Alloy

Fan case

Fan case
AM sample dimensions 28dia.×H15.7×T0.4in
AM sample weight 123lb.
Deposition time 71hrs.
Material 718Alloy

Reverse Engineering sample: REIWA

Reverse Engineering
AM sample dimensions 8.3×11.7in
Deposition time 5hrs.
Material 718Alloy

Simultaneous 5-axis deposition: Duct

AM sample dimensions 4.3dia.×H8.5in
Deposition time 3.5hrs.
Material 718Alloy

AM example under non-oxidizing atmosphere : Stator vane

Stator vane
AM sample dimensions 4.3dia.×H0.8in
Deposition time 4hrs.
Material Ti-6Al-4V

Repair Examples

Repair Examples


  • Dense structure

  • CAD/CAM for optimal path

  • NC control for stabilization and automation
    Higher Quality, Less Manpower, Higher Productivity

Base material SKD61
Deposited material SKD61

Examples of partial deposition

Partial deposition

Advantages of partial deposition

  • Significantly less part material weights and machining time

  • Higher strength than welding (linear welding)

  • Enables partial deposition using different types of materials

  • Repairs for extending lifespan and reducing costs