Product Lineup

ZK Series

We provide a product lineup for a wide range of applications, from compact entry models to large part manufacturing models.

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Models and Main Machine Specification ZK-P202 ZK-T403 ZK-T2010
Maximum deposition area [mm] 200×200×200(H) 800×500×300 (H) Φ2000×1000 (H)
Number of movable axes axes
Number of deposition head movable axes  axes 3(XYX) 3 (YZA) 4 (XYZA)
Number of workpiece movable axes axes 2 (XC) 1 (C)
Linear axis feed speed [mm/min] 6,000 20,000/10,000 (Z) 10,000
Head rotary axis speed [deg/min] - 5,400 5,400
Workpiece rotary axis speed [deg/min] - 9,000 1,000
Controller TOSNUC PX-200 TOSNUC PX-200 TOSNUC PX-200
DED System Specifications Standard Option

Laser oscillator (fiber laser)

Maximum power 500W(Single mode) 1.0、1.5kW (Single mode)
1.0~6.0kW (Multi mode)
Laser oscillation type Continuous wave (CW) Continuous wave and pulse wave
beam spot diameter (1/e^2) [mm] 1.2 0.4 to 2.0 (variable) *1
Number of powder hoppers 1 2, 4
Powder hopper volume [L] 1.5 0.8, 5
Powder feeding rate *2 [cm^3/h] 500 200, 700

*1: The maximum diameter may be limited depending on installed nozzle type.
*2: This is a reference value only, and the actual value can vary depending on powder particle size.