All Electric Injection Molding Machine EC-SX series

The EC-SX series with high functional controller responds to high speed injection and a wide range of customer's molding needs, in addition to highly upgraded core performance of the EC-S series.
The high functional controller 'INJECTVISOR-V50' which originally has a variety of molding control and readiness of special specification has now installed a brand-new Clamping Force Self-Tuning (DST-Press) and Injection Process Condition Self-Tuning (DST-Fill), prevents quality instability from outside factor, and promises you a stable molding.

EC-SX Small-size series

EC50SX, EC75SX, EC100SX, EC130SX
EC180SX, EC230SX, EC280SX, EC350SX

EC-SX Medium and Large-size series

EC450SX, EC550SX, EC650SX, EC850SX, EC1000SX
EC1300SX, EC1300SXW, EC1600SXW, EC1800SX