Test center Coating Machine

We have started test coating service in our Numazu plant.

Installing Direct-Drive motors for not only coating unit back-up roll but also In Feed and Out Feed roll makes advantage of stabilizing web at coating point


Basic specification of pilot coating machine

Base material width 600 - 700mm
Coating speed Max. 50m/min
Tension 30-300N/Width
Coating Coating methods Slot Die Coating
Roll drive Built-in direct drive motor
Gap adjustment Positioning by Servomotor
Coating Width 500mm
Feeder Methods Suction Roll
Roll Drive Built-in type

Test result by quasi-PVA coating liquid. (Bird's eye view of Film thickness)

Test result

We conducted a test of quasi-PVA coating liquid using our pilot coating machine
(Die coating method) After application, we measured dried film thickness by optical
interferometry. And then, make film thickness distribution into bird's eye view.
We verified that average amount of film-thickness conducted by both way, low-viscosity
and high viscosity, are ±2%.