Shibaura Machine:
The origin of manufacturing Story 4

Read the times
and create value.

In the 1950s, Japan reached a new phase.
It was the era of high economic growth and mass-production.
We sought to diversify our business based on our engineering technologies
and expertise in large machine tools.
One business created from this was the textile business.
Compared with our other businesses,
the textile market was very closely linked to the lives of ordinary citizens.

As a result, this made it easier to detect changes in purchasing motivation and preferences among consumers, and became a driver for creating new value.
Born from this were the three businesses of extrusion molding, injection molding, and die casting.
These businesses are still a part of us today.

Of these, we embarked on the die casting business ahead of other companies in 1953 and completed the first hydraulic die casting machine in Japan, which succeeded in greatly expanding the market itself.
In 1956, this achievement was featured in the Economic White Paper as evidence “the postwar period is over”, which became a catchphrase in Japan.

We did not achieve growth because of the period of high economic growth,
but were a leading player in creating this economic trend;
detecting market trends at an early stage and making moves ahead of others,
thereby creating a new world.
This is also part of Shibaura’s spirit of manufacturing.