Initiatives for the preservation of biodiversity

Planting in Mt. Fuji

We participated in the Forestation Convention at the Gotenbaguchi, Mount Fuji, which is hosted by the Mount Fuji National Trust (NPO).This activity is intended to prevent, by means of greening, the collapse of the southeast foot of Mt. Fuji, which became a vast gravel land because of an eruption in the Hoei era.

Eliminating illegal dumping of waste

We participated in Shizuoka Industrial Waste Association's patrolling and on-street campaigns for the prevention of illegal dumping, and informed the public about the need to eliminate the illegal dumping of waste and the telephone number to report any such dumping to.

Eliminating illegal dumping of waste
Administration Department
Mr. Wataru Saito

The area around the Ashitaka association water shrine in the Ashitaka district of Numazu City is, sadly, a constant site of illegal garbage dumping. As a member of the Shizuoka Industrial Waste Association, we conduct patrols of the area to help prevent illegal dumping.
Although we sometimes find large illegally dumped waste, such as furniture or bicycle parts, the most common type of garbage we see is daily commodities.
The current waste policy is for everyone to separate their waste into plastic bottles, cans, ceramics, etc., so that individual types of waste can be collected separately, so I was extremely sorry to see the current state of affairs, where the nature of the area is sullied with litter. The patrol really impressed on me the gaps between different people's mentalities when it comes to littering. If we are to create a sustainable society while protecting nature, I feel like each and every person must heighten their awareness of the issue of waste.

Cleaning and releasing dwarf rill trout into tributaries of the Kano River system

We participated in river cleaning (Kisegawa River) and dwarf rill trout release (Momozawa River) by Kano River System Quality Preservation Council.

Cleaning and releasing dwarf rill trout into tributaries of the Karino River system

Cleaning Sagami River

We participated in a central prefecture illegal dumping elimination campaign (Kanagawa Prefecture). We checked on about 2km section of the riverside from the Sagamigawa field to Zakae Bridge, picking up combustible and non-combustible waste we found along the way.

Cleaning Sagami River

River cleaning in the Koza district

We conducted patrols between the Kamigo Bridge and the Kubota Bridge of the Mekujiri River, a tributary of the Sagami River, collecting all the garbage we found along the way.

River cleaning in the Koza district

Contribution to the solutions of miro-plastics problems

Participation in the toothbrush recycling program
Participation in the toothbrush recycling program

Since FY2019, we have been collecting used household toothbrushes. The collected toothbrushes are recycled for new plastic products such as flowerpots without being sent for land fill or to an incinerator plant. The credit points that are given according to the weight of the toothbrushes collected are donated for education support and community support.

Participation in the “Kanagawa Zero Plastics Declaration”
Kanagawa Zero Plastics Declaration

Since agreeing with the “Kanagawa Zero Plastics Declaration”, which the Kanagawa Prefecture is engaged in, we promote the reduction of disposable plastics, sorting and collection of plastics waste, and cleaning activities.

Membership groups, donations, and agreements

List of main membership groups relating to the environment
Shizuoka Environmental Conservation Association Director Japan Environmental Measurement and Chemical Analysis Association Member
Shizuoka Industrial Waste Association

Director of the East Branch

Assistant Branch Chief

Koza Chiku River Clean-up Association Director
Numazu Environmental Conservation Council Director Kanagawa Environmental Conservation Council Director
Kano River Water System Water Quality Conservation Council Manager Zama City Groundwater Conservation Liaison Council Vice President
Kise River Region Groundwater Utilization Measure Council Committee member Atsugi Waste Measure Council Vice President
Shizuoka Metrology Association Member Kanagawa Environmental Conservation Council Prefecture Central District Subcommittee Vice President
Fujisan Network Formal member Gotenba City Water Quality Conservation Council Member
Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement Member

Donation and agreement
Kurarika (Kuramae Industry Association)
Zama City Groundwater Conservation assistance fund