Global warming prevention

Our energy management division is actively involved in the prevention of global warming through the environmental assessment including the installation of energy efficient facilities and checking energy conservation for facility updating as well as promoting systematic investment in each division and providing appropriate advice based on the examples of past approaches and the latest energy-saving technologies. In FY2022, we achieved a 32% reduction of CO₂ sales intensity compared to that of FY2013 against the target of 30% reduction.

*Sales intensity: Intensity of CO₂ emission against the sales

Reduction of power usage by energy conservation measures

We are systematically implementing energy conservation measures within the factories each year. In FY2022, we changed the temperature settings of the air conditioning equipment turbo chillers used in large plants, reducing operation times. We also switched the ceiling lighting in our Numazu Plant to LED lighting (58 LED bulbs). Through these efforts, we cut annual power usage by 219,170 kWh (equivalent to 110.5 tons of CO₂).

Using renewable energy

Solar power generation equipment operating at the Gotemba Technical Center since fiscal 2017 has generated approximately 52,000kWh per year of 2022, which is equivalent to approximately 0.1% of all electricity consumption by Shibaura Machine Group companies in Japan.

The generated power is consumed in the Gotemba Plant. In emergency situations, it will also be supplied to the emergency response headquarters.

Using renewable energy

CO2 emissions, and actual and target intensity

CO₂ emissions, and actual and target intensity