Basic policy for environmental activities

Basic Policy

We will actively contribute to the creation of an environment that will be passed on to the next generation in a healthy state, as a corporate social responsibility (CSR), of the irreplaceable earth.

We comply with all applicable international, regional, and national standards, laws, regulations, agreements, industry guidelines, and company rules related to the environment.

We contribute to society by developing and offering excellent environmentally conscious products.

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, to protect biodiversity and ecosystems.

Guidelines for Action

Continuous enhancement of environmental activities

  • We treat environmental activities as one of our most important management tasks and promote environmental activities for future generations with climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  • We continuously improve our environmental management system to raise environmental performance.
  • We adhere to our environmental impact reduction plan to achieve its objectives and goals.
  • All employees continuously promote improvement under the leadership of environmental managers.

Development of environmentally conscious products

  • To realize energy and resource conservation, we promote certification of environmentally conscious products and implementation of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). This will in turn help our customers save energy and resources.

  • We promote green procurement (products, parts, materials, and raw materials).

Energy and resource conservation and promotion of effective use of resources

  • We improve production efficiency for the purpose of effectively using energy resources such as electricity and fuels. We also consider using sustainable resources (recyclable energy) to prevent global warming.

  • We work to build a recycling society by emission reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste.
  • We strive to understand and reduce the environmental impact of the entire corporate supply chain process.

Prevention of pollution

  • We promote substitution, reduction, and collection of chemical substances which may contribute to pollution in order to prevent air, water, and soil pollution, and also to reduce emissions.

Promotion of environmental partnerships

  • We release information of our environmental efforts to all stakeholders in a timely fashion and engage in bilateral communication with them. We respect diversity and continue our existence as part of our society.

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Enactment date:2023.4.1