Development and Presentation of the EC30S All-Electric Injection Molding Machine: Enhanced Productivity with Reduced Floor Spacing

Aug. 19, 2014


We has completed development and now is introducing the EC30S all-electric injection molding machine.
The EC30S will provide the plastic industry with a machine that will meet all of the customer’s productions requirements (precision components, mechanical parts for automotive, and medical parts) with greater reliability, repeatability and productivity.

Main Features

  • Leading the Industry with a compact built machine
    Machine length is under 2.9 m, achieves the shortest total length of the machine with Φ16/18 mm screw diameters in the industry.
  • 25% Reduction in Dry Cycle Compared to Previous Model
    The new clamping mechanism will provide smooth movement with precision positioning accuracy. Offering the industry with high productivity with 25% less dry cycle compared to previous models.
  • Stable Molding of Reinforced Plastics
    Offering choice between high-speed injection for thin wall molding products and high-duty specifications for thick wall molding products, enhancement of molding stability with a newly developed screw.