Toshiba Machine has installed a High-performance Simultaneous Bi-axially Stretching Pilot Machine FTU-1300SS (Supporting experimental productions of a wide variety of sheet films)

May 18, 2015


We have installed a new Simultaneous Bi-axially StretchingMachine FTU-1300SS in our facility and have prepared to meet request for theexperimental productions that match the customers' specifications of a widevariety of film and sheet products.

Main Features

  • Auto adjustment functionfor longitudinal/transversal magnification for stretching
    It becomes possible to remarkably shorten the setting time for the longitudinaland transversal stretching pattern by driving all the longitudinal andtransversal magnification for stretching adjustment parts with independentmotors.

  • Visualization of the stretching operation
    Itbecomes possible to confirm by the monitor the status of each part during the stretchingoperation.

  • Supporting special longitudinal and transversalstretching patters
    Itbecomes possible to support the special stretching patters such as an oblique stretchingpattern or right-left asymmetric patter by providing fully independent drivingsystem to the longitudinal and transversal magnification for stretching adjustmentpart on the driving side and operation side.

This machine and its operation will beexhibited at Toshiba Machine Group Solution Fair 2015 to be held from Thursday,May 21 to Saturday, May 23.