IPF Japan 2020 Virtual (International Plastic Fair Virtual)

Nov. 18, 2020

IPF Japan 2020 Virtual CONTENT
Interactive period November 18th, 2020 (Wed) - November 20th, 2020 (Fri) 10am to 6pm
※Hosting period : Check out the exbhits until May 21st, 2021 (6 monthes)
Venue Online

Exhibition Overview

We are pleased to inform you that the IPF (International Plastic Fair, 2020) will be open as a virtual exhibition instead of a live event at the MAKUHARI MESSE convention center. This year, the Metal and Plastics Industrial Machine Company of Shibaura Machine has 4 booths. From material to molding, automation and recycling, we are a comprehensive machine manufacturer providing our customers with high value-added manufacturing solutions. We invite you to visit our virtual booths to see how our developed products can help create new value with your manufacturing operation.


  • Molding Machine Pavilion / Recycling Pavilion

Exhibition Concept

  • "Challenge to the Future of Material to Manufacturing Contributing to Sustainability"

Exhibition Content

  • Molding Machine Pavilion: Productivity Improvement, Reduction of Molding Defects, Remote Support, and Sustainable Technology.

Injection Molding Machine Booth: EC-SXⅢ Series Equipped with New Controller V70
  1. Introduction of Special Control “High-Precision Core Back” for Weight Saving of Automotive Parts and Ecology

  2. Introduction of the IoT system (iPAQET3) for minimizing mold changing time and technical remote support to overseas factories to help managers and improve productivity.

  3. Introduction of a screw design to minimize mold maintenance time and reduce molding defects. This screw design reduces gas and improve productivity.

Extruder Booth: Twin Screw Extruder, Film & Sheet manufacturing equipment,
Roll-to-Roll type UV imprinting Machine
  1. Introduction of solution to every process on plastic extrusion molding.
  2. Introduction of monitoring manufacturing facility, managing whole facility and advancing manufacturing process by our IoT system “ePAQET”.
  3. Introduction of challenge to Cellulose Nano Fiber, which contributes to carbon cycling society, and materials.
Shibaura Machine Engineering Booth: Labor Saving & Energy Saving System,
In-Line Film Formation System, Molding Machine Service
  1. We offer Labor-Saving and Energy Saving Systems to improve productivity.
  2. Introduction of consistent product system by new Film Formation Equipment which achieves ecology and improving productivity.

  3. Introduction of Upgrading, Energy Saving Modification and Retrofit on existing Injection Molding Machines and Periodic inspection / Maintenance

Recycling Pavilion Booth
  1. Introduction of Challenges to Sustainability Introduction of various efforts toward the spread of sustainable plastics.

  1. Introduction to our original Virtual Exhibition(DIGITAL TWIN FACTORY
  2. Real time, interactive communications with us about business negotiations and technical explanations in the virtual exhibition.

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