Toshiba Machine establishes a local subsidiary in Italy (to enhance the sales and service system of the Toshiba Machine Group’s products in the European market)

Sep. 19, 2019

Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 6104) has established a local subsidiary in Italy in order to enhance the sales and service support systems of the Toshiba Machine Group’s products in the European market. Our newest subsidiary is now fully operational.

Purpose of establishing a local subsidiary in Italy
The Toshiba Machine Group already has a well-established local subsidiary in England which has been in operation for years. By establishing this additional base in Italy, with excellent access to European countries, we are enhancing sales and technical support to our sales partners and actively developing new markets, thereby improving Toshiba Machine’s presence in the European market.

Overview of the local subsidiary in Italy
2. Capital: 3,100,000 euros
(Investment ratio: Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd. 100%)
3. Location: Via Gaudenzio Fantoli 7, Piano 2, 20138, Milano, ITALY
TEL: +39-02-50041667
FAX: +39-02-50041668

Kazuo Takamura, Managing Director of SHIBAURA MACHINE EUROPE S.R.L., expresses his enthusiasm for the European market; “We will make strong efforts to expand our business in the European market where there are a remarkable number of established competitors; increasing and strengthening our ties to the market and contributing to our customer's corporate development through the products of the Group”.

Toshiba Machine will strive to broadly contribute to manufacturing by customers in Europe through the establishment of this local subsidiary in Italy, following that in England.