Table-type Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine

The advanced machine in compact design but rigidity is suitable for replacing a small existing facility

Machine specifications

Space saved

Compact design machine is the best for replacing facility.
Machine height reduced 410 mm and space for the machine reduced 15 % compared to old model.

Advanced spindle system

100 mm diameter and 350 mm extension of spindle make a tool approach to machining area in narrow space.

Higher rigidity and higher accuracy

All of main structure are analyzed with high tech-method to achieve best rigidity balance between them.
Spindle head is fed by two ball screw directly to achieve high rigidity on feed system and improve contouring accuracy.

Excellent operability

Manual/MDI/Auto mode can be selected by a single touch on a tried-and trusted operation pendant.
The machine has excellent operability onmanual machine in addition to excellent productivity on CNC machine.

Machine specifications


●Travel (X-axis×Y-axis×Z-axis×W-axis):1000×900×700×350mm
●Table working surface:900×950mm (35.4×37.4in)
●Spindle speed (7/24 taper No.50) : 20~3000 min-1 
●Spindle drive motor:AC30/22kW (40/30HP)
●Floor space:4600×3800mm (181.1×149.6in)
●Machine height:2900mm (114.2in)
●Mass of machine(including CNC system): 14 700kg (32 340lbs)

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